“Curt is awesome, incredibly talented and funny!  He has awesome skills with so many props, is a good hearted person, and quick witted too!  Book him, you won’t be sorry!”

-Kricket C., Portland, OR – 2/11/2013



“Curt Carlyle is one of the funniest comedy jugglers out there — partially because a key to REALLY being funny is adapting humor to any circumstance, and not just always reciting stock lines. Curt has such a quick ability to say the wittiest possible thing, playing off whatever is happening in the moment, while ALSO accomplishing incredibly technical moves with a wide array of props. Audiences love him (and that statement is just as true with kids as it is with adults).I’ve been a professional hula hoop artist for over a decade, and I’ve been in lineups with countless comedy jugglers.  Curt is someone who stands out, above others, for always bringing down the house. In fact, I was so impressed with his work that when I started developing my own acts that incorporate spoken comedy, in addition to dancing with hoops, Curt was the person I turned to for input on my own lines. I could have asked other performers, but why would I do that? :) I don’t know anyone else with such a fast comedy mind. To date, the most successful line in my street show … was written by Curt.It’s rare to find someone who is a master of both humor AND physical skill. This guy is so talented.  I couldn’t possibly recommend his work highly enough.~Revolva”

-Kari R., Oakland, CA – 2/4/2013



“If personality could kill, Curt would cause heart-attacks!The Positive: I’ve seen this guy twice now and: ‘Wowy’. Curt Carlyle is part  Steve Martin, part Enrico Rastelli and part someone-you-want-to-grab-a-beer with. The show was mostly different the second time around, which was fun for me to see new stuff. He seems to have and endless supply of stuff to juggle, manipulate and joke about.  A BIG PLUS: he was able, from what I could tell, to tailor the show to the audience; the first group I saw it with was mostly students and Curt was quick-witted, entertaining and age-appropriate. The second time around was with a more adult crowd and let me just say that I’ll gladly put Curt in my top few for favorite adult comedian slash entertainers. And that is to say noting of the juggling, gags, crowd work, and diabolical flying yoyo’s (or whatever). Crazy cool.The negative: if you are not into fun things, hate excitement, have a disease where the act of laughter will physical harm you or if you are just an asshole, The Curt how is not for you.Curt you are great at what you do, I wish you the best!!”

-Joshua S., Portland, OR – 1/22/2013



“I make folks laugh for a living so it’s hard to crack me up (I know all the punch lines).
Iv’e seen him in variety shows and huge civic events that he was a riot at but when he is in shows he cooks up himself he really shines.
His act is safe for kids but I still get the laughs like at a comedy night club.
Good job Mr. C.
Dingo Dizmal
Portland” – 1/20/2013



“I saw this guy do a Juggling show at Reed College in Portland last year! He put on such an amazing show! My wife and I laughed until our stomachs hurt! 
He did a bunch of amazing juggling tricks while telling jokes the whole time. I can’t believe how easy he made them look while being super funny at the same time! 
I’ve been to a lot of concerts and shows and have seen a lot of comedians, and I have to say that I enjoyed this guys show more than anything that I can ever remember. I hope I can find out where he is performing and watch him again soon!”

-Robert W., Chico, CA – 1/20/2013



“We were honored to bring our 6 children to watch your show today at Linn Benton Community College. We’ve been bringing them to the performing arts series for the past 5 years and your show this morning was by far the best that we’ve seen!”

-Liberty F., Lebanon, OR – 1/20/2013



“We have had the honor of making use of Curt’s services at each of our three Juggling Conventions.  

Curt is the perfect fit for any event.  He was our Emcee for each of our public shows and that particular role really lets his talent shine.  His relaxed easy-going nature puts the other performers at ease, and his amazingly diverse skill set keeps the audience entertained between acts.  His wealth of material appears endless!!!

It’s clear that he is passionate about performing and the fun he has on stage is contagious.  If you are looking to have a memorable, fun, amazing, event, then hire this man immediately! 

David Sallee
Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention Director” – 7/9/2012



“I’ve seen Curt perform multiple times, and he always has something fresh.  Each performance was a little different, and all were hilarious and amazing.  He is a professional in every way, and adaptable to any audience and situation.”

-Brad C., Canby, OR – 6/26/2012



“Curt performed for us in Moscow, Idaho as part of our Entertainment in the Park series. He was very funny, besides being a great juggler. He was also great with kids, which is our biggest concern. Great rapport with the audience always makes the experience so much richer for everyone.”

-Catherine E., Colfax, WA – 6/25/2012



“Curtis Carlyle is a rare breed.  He blends the wit and showmanship of vaudeville with modern humor that caters to whatever audience he comes across.  Make no mistake, he does much more than juggling which makes him quite versatile.  Be it an open-air festival or and private party show, his talent and spark with shine through.
“I, myslef, hired him for an event and he was prompt and professional.  Hire him and you won’t regret it.”

-Caterina G., Portland, OR – 9/6/2011