The man behind the show.

Curtis Carlyle was born in 1980 in a lighthouse in Rhode Island. His father was a United States Coast Guard engineer and his mother was a championship rodeo horsewoman. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, his uncommon family instilled in Curtis a sense of possibility and discipline; a belief that anything can be mastered with practice; a recognition of the importance of joy in work.

However, as a natural redhead, Curt’s path was altered by his delicate complexion and cokebottle glasses. Throughout his early years, Curt learned to survive the schoolyard with a quick wit and charming personality. These traits were a constant as his family moved across the country, as his father was transferred from port to port. As he grew older, Curt discovered the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and was immediately taken by the TV personality’s presence and kindness on the program.

Curt’s journey as variety artist took off when the Coast Guard transferred his father’s post to Portland, Oregon – home of the Reed College juggling club. Under the tutelage of juggling greats Rhys Thomas, David Lichtenstein, and Charlie Brown, Curt quickly learned the performance trade and began shaping his infectious personality for the stage.

While his early shows took place in coffeeshops and streetcorners along the Pacific Northwest, his resume now includes performances for a dozen Fortune 500 companies, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, the New Victory Theatre on Broadway in New York City, as well as colleges and universities across North America.

Curtis also holds a Guinness world record for the yoyo, has won a bronze medal at the International Jugglers’ Association stage championships, and has shared the stage with entertainment titans like the Beastie Boys, Peter Sagal, and Second City Improv – just to name a few.

Curt’s newschool comedy juggling performances range from five to ninety-five minutes long, and highlight Curt’s mastery of balance, timing, and peculiar combination tricks. He is also recognized as a talented emcee and comedy writer, and often consults with variety acts across the planet.

When he’s not traveling with his show, Curt lives in Portland, Oregon with two acrobats and a grey cat named Houdini. He believes that life is about sharing experiences with others, that the world can be a better place through laughter, and that nothing beats warm socks fresh out of the dryer on a rainy day.